Pour Champs Like a Champ

my handwritten note that says "last night we went to a diner on union and they served us champs in MUGS"

My paperblog of the event.

Last week I excitedly told Meatball about a place I went for dinner that served us champagne in MUGS. I even drew a picture for emphasis.

my line drawing of a mug with "life size" handwritten on it

"Life size"

Turns out I was totally on trend! BBC news reports today:

Researchers, based (appropriately) in France’s Champagne region, say the effervescent drink should be poured “like beer” in an angled way, down the side of the glass.

Gerard Liger-Belair from the University of Reims and his colleagues measured the loss of CO2 gas from champagne as it was poured. They compared three champagne temperatures – at 4C, 12C and 18C – and two different ways of serving.

Infrared imaging showed the clouds of CO2 escaping from the drink as it was poured.

The beer-like pouring method, where the champagne flowed along the inclined flute wall, was much less turbulent and released less gas than the more traditional pouring method.

How awesome is this? Studying champagne with infrared imaging? That’s FRENCH SCIENCE.