The Foodies Form an Army

First the Peace Corps, then AmeriCorps, and now: Food Corps. A group of foodies including  the Center for Food and Justice at Occidental College and the Community Food Security Coalition, as well as Curt Ellis, the guy who made King Corn, have formed a coalition:

The vision for FoodCorps is to recruit young adults for a yearlong term of public service in school food systems. Once stationed, FoodCorps members will build Farm to School supply chains, expand food system and nutrition education programs, and build and tend school food gardens.

The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the health and prosperity of vulnerable children, while investing in the next generation of farmers.

You can read more about it on their site, or this Washington Post piece. I love the idea of bands of foodies roaming the streets, taking on the school lunch villains across the land! Maybe they can do some practice skirmishes with the Mission: Ready folks. Battlestations!