LiveBlogging from Greenbrier Foodwriters Symposium

Good Lord, not us. That’s a Huffington Post headline that encapsulates everything wrong about food culture and bloggings in just five words. Here are some compelling nuggets that were blogged! live!

OK! We’re back from a great lunch of 3 kinds of BBQ, and (get this) a milk shake bar – yum. Now we’re are enjoying a screening of Symposium attendee Roger Sherman’s film, The Restaurateur

“It’s really important for us as writers to encourage our readers to COOK!” Dorothy says, and Elissa notes that we can get people to go to the farmers market, but it doesn’t matter if they don’t know what to do with the 5 pounds of beets they bring home. Fer Crissakes Williams-Sonoma s selling home foamers to people who can’t roast a beet. [Ed:Can’t roast a beet! Fer Crissakes!!]

Elissa points out that sadly we can’t all live in Berkeley. How do people who don’t have the access that they have in the “People’s Republic of Berkeley” eat with seasons, locally and healthfully?

And we wrap for lunch here… more in an hour or two…..

I love that last bit. “How can we help the less fortunate? Let’s have lunch!” Also, it’s worth noting that while he noted each and every break for lunch, he neglected to indicate, oh, the passage of time or the fact that different panels happened on different days, leading the LIVEBLOG to present the vision of foodies in some kind of timeless orbit, eating lunch over and over again.