The Docile Ms. Dahl

Photograph: BBC/Fresh One Productions/BBC

I’m sure most of you have heard the news regarding Sophie Dahl, model extraordinaire and Roald Dahl’s grandchild, and her latest (mis)steps into Nigella Lawson territory.  Jessica Reed of The Guardian had a particularly scathing (and entertaining) quote summing her up:

Sophie Dahl also goes to great pains to associate food with moods and memories – think a lowbrow, forced version of Proust’s Madeleine. The result, I found, lacked in authenticity and spontaneity. I would rather watch a live show in which cooks make mistakes than what TV marketing professionals feel is the illustration of the perfect woman of our times – an independent, feminist domestic goddess with an uncontrollable love for cupcakes, dirty martinis and all things coquettish.

How regressive.  I wonder if Ms. Dahl will be shilling vacuums on the show soon?  Maybe garters?

Click here for Ms. Reed’s full story (including a fun Dahl bingo!)