Would You Like One Scoop of Jesus or Two?

Quote from the 4,000 word story in the Times about Humphrey Slocumbe ice cream:

Leah Rosenberg, an artist and a pastry chef, says, “The first time I tasted Jesus Juice sorbet, I felt like someone, at long last, understood me.”

Funnily enough, her art (above) kind of looks like ice cream–the review even says “It looks good enough to eat!”

5 thoughts on “Would You Like One Scoop of Jesus or Two?

  1. You can’t hate a story about HS, even if it’s a wall of text. There’s Humphrey, then there’s subpar doppelganger ala Scoop’s (LA)

    1. For quite some time I thought you were talking about High School. Perhaps I have watched “Clueless” one too many times.

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