Ozersky on Ozersky

Ozersky writing about Ozersky combing through a book to find references to himself. And hopefully finding one to pad his pathetic resume (which he tries to trot out at any opportunity), no doubt. “Look, look, Bourdain knows who I am”! “David Chang knows who I am”! What a fat, narcissistic slob.

Comment from bibendum on What Really Got Me Banned From Momofuku

Hot damn!  Them’s fightin’ words.  I swear, the comments are the most amazing part of anything online.  Posted simply because it’s awesomely scathing.

Just Peachy.

(image from the website)

Momofuku is opening its latest (Má Pêche) in Midtown on Wednesday.  UrbanDaddy told me so.  They also told me that ordering the steak frites really means cow-from-the-shoulder and fries made out of rice, which I, as a person who loves the potato, find appalling, bien sûr. Also, they’ve revamped the Long Island Iced Tea with “homemade cola syrup.”  How elegant.  Or, in their words, how “Short Island.”  But the real treat here at the newest NY-foodie-church?

“There’s only one piece of artwork, and it comes from Eli Cash’s apartment in The Royal Tenenbaums: five shirtless men in Mexican wrestling masks driving ATVs. It’s on loan from Wes Anderson.”

My art history degree just died in a fiery furnace of foodie twee.