Pizza: Evicted!

From HuffPo:

The owner of Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn has been served with eviction papers.  Dorothy Waxman says her tenant, Frank Ciolli, owes her $44,000.  Ciolli disputes how much he owes Waxman and says he paid his rent on time “for the most part.”

Have no fear, pizza/sceney folks – they’re moving to Manhattan anyway.  Seems kinda funny that the epitome of NYC pizza is getting kicked out for back rent, though.  It just makes it… so much more New Yorky.

Addendum from NBC News:

Ciolli also owes the city nearly $12,350 in property taxes and business improvement district charges,  according to court papers.

Now it just seems shady.  What the hell has been going on over there?

Trade "enlightened" for "bratty"…

Link: Trade “enlightened” for “bratty”…

Dear Concierge,

My enlightened, Austin-raised 12-year-old niece is coming to visit New York and wants to experience the classic New York cuisines in situ: Chinese food in Chinatown, pizza at the perfect pizza joint, bagels from an über-deli. Where can I take her for good food and kid-thrilling atmosphere?

Thanks! — J.B.”

Christine Muhlke does a good job of covering the answer, but still gets in the good An enlightened 12-year-old? What’s her blog called?” jab.