Red Menace

Take that, pinkos!

A quote from the retro-jingoistic piece on Slashfoods about Carl’s Junior conquering  opening restaurants in Southeast Asia. Compares it to a “successful invasion,” ends with the above quote. I’m not exactly psyched to see fast food franchises spread across the world, but if anyone was wondering if it’s too soon to joke about armed American invasions of developing countries, try asking the folks in Afghanistan.


It’s like something Tyrone Power’s pirate character would have called for in The Black Swan before he took a huge swig from a stein, or a mug, or whatever pirates call their stout-drinking vessels.

Nanette Maxim, describing a Blood Orange Tart with Salted Caramel Sauce on Also, I almost wish that “slashfood” was people writing fanfic about food. Almost.