Hey, Is That Umami On Your Sleeve, Or Are You Just Glad To See Me?

Though some people now question the very existence of umami and think it is all a corporate spell, others are getting inked to show their love.

It’s the arm of “Ariel,” who wrote in to Discovery magazine’s Science Tattoo Emporium: “This is the molecular representation of glutamic acid, the amino acid associated with the Umami flavor, the proverbial fifth taste. I am a former chef turned public health major and fell in love with the elegance of chemical compounds but never forgot my unctuous roots.”

Unctuous roots! Surely that is being served somewhere in Portland right now.


I usually love info graphics like this, but this guy either has it out for tomatoes or he doesn’t get it. Tomatoes have more umami (tastiness) than every other fruit on there, and the last time I checked, green seedless grapes didn’t have much in the way of flavour. This would have been much cooler if a bunch of peoples’ opinions were aggregated and average positions where determined for each of the fruits.

A Serious Tomato Fan by the name of “NoRecipes” on Bon Appetit’s Food Approval Matrix