The Sandwich Murders

The food world is so bloodthirsty lately! Many of my San Francisco friends are fans of Ike’s Place, a sandwich joint in the Castro. Ike’s Place is currently dealing with some neighbors attempting to shut the business down–Eater has devoted no less than eight posts on the topic. The court date is tomorrow! But the Eater coverage pales in comparison to this guy, who breathlessly blogged:

I feel like this is San Francisco’s OJ Simpson Trial.  If the food bloggers were the jurors, Ike’s would get off, bloody baguette and all.

Uh, wow.  He also says he has never even been there! However, I almost forgive him for comparing the closing of  a sandwich shop to the slaughter of two people, because he pointed us to the fantastic comments on this vegansaurus post.  The original poster is very gung ho, issuing a rallying cry for people to support Ike’s Place, but his readers are more interested in discussing karma (mean people work at Ike’s) and the fact that someone PhotoShopped Keanu Reeves into the photo above. Yeah, I don’t get it either.–Snacktime

PS Ike’s does have twenty vegan sandwiches! Impressive.

Shut Up Vegans

From a friend, who sent it to me with the comment “Sometimes I don’t miss Portland at all.”

No, really, that is ALL a discussion of whether requiring someone to be vegan to work at a vegan restaurant is discriminatory. My absolute favorite is “when there are plenty of vegans who would have their life enriched by working for an all-vegan business, why give the position to someone who simply needed a job?”

Be vegan, don’t be vegan, I support your diet choices, my friends, even if like me you eat honey-roasted peanuts and Pepsi for dinner. 

But this reminds me of my annoyance with most so-called “radical” spaces—they become ways for people to purify their lives and feel superior to/exclude others rather than to make actual change in the world.