Even if you have to take two trains and a car ride to get there, the last bargain in food is to buy it direct from the growers. If kids can’t distinguish the difference between potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers, then part of the storytelling is to take them on those pilgrimages

Rachel Ray at the Food Bank for New York City Can-Do Awards Dinner; Does this mean she, personally, will be taking kids on these field trips?  I’d love to see her drive a bus, is all.

At last night’s Can-Do Awards Dinner (a fund-raiser for his pet charity, the New York Food Bank), someone paid $100,000 to have Batali, David Chang, and Chang’s old boss Tom Colicchio personally cook for a house party of twenty.

From Grub Street.  So you could anonymously give your money directly to the charity, probably feeding a ton of people, or you could just drop 100k for 20 of your most bougie, stuck up friends, under the guise of charity.  The choice is clear.