So, as our journey into foodie-dom continues, I have to say, I am getting a leetle bit frightened.  I feel as though I understand the enemy so much more these days, and my knowledge of all things whackadoo edible is growing quite quickly.  But Colicchio’s latest tweet regarding his regret over not ever being able to see Jeff Buckley?  I mean, how “my only love sprung from my only hate” is this!?  Mr. Colicchio, I think we could be fast friends.  Dammit!

At last night’s Can-Do Awards Dinner (a fund-raiser for his pet charity, the New York Food Bank), someone paid $100,000 to have Batali, David Chang, and Chang’s old boss Tom Colicchio personally cook for a house party of twenty.

From Grub Street.  So you could anonymously give your money directly to the charity, probably feeding a ton of people, or you could just drop 100k for 20 of your most bougie, stuck up friends, under the guise of charity.  The choice is clear.